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How to use the DrSMS injector
Run the program DrSMS.exe, then drag all of the Master Roms into the program and enter the filename you want to create. Then click on "Create Image". To remove a game from the list, simply select it with the mouse and then press the "delete" key.

When the injector has finished building the Game Boy Advance rom it will display a message box. You then take the rom that the injector created and either flash it to your GBA flash cart or run it in a Game Boy Advance Emulator.

How to use DrSMS PogoShell
Copy drsms.bin to your .plugins directory, then go to your .shell directory and open the file "FILETYPES" in a text editor such as notepad and add the following 2 lines:

sms 1 /.plugins/drsms.bin
gg 1 /.plugins/drsms.bin

How to use DrSMS'in gameme menu
To access DrSMS's menu press the "select" button. Press UP and DOWN to navigate between menu options. Button A will select the menu option. Button B will exit the menu and return you back to the game.

Menu Options - Explained

This is an accelerator function where you can speed up the emulator. This is achieved by decreasing the number of lines in a frame. The default is 255 lines, press right on the keys to increase the number of lines (max 272) and left to decrease the number of lines (min 195). You can get some great results on certain games like Outrun which flies on a setting of 208 lines per frame. But of course this won't work on all games but it gives you something else to play around with.

Selecting this will take you to the game selection screen. This screen lists all of the games you added to DrSMS. Use the UP and DOWN keys to move between games and press A to start the game. Pressing B will take you back to the main menu.

NOTE: If using the pogoshell plugin, this menu option will return you to pogoshell to select another game.

This will take you out of the menu and back into the last game you were in.

This is the current display mode that DrSMS is running. You have 2 options - Simply press A to cycle through them. When you have selected the mode you want, you can either use the RETURN menu option to return to the SMS game in the new display mode, or select another game.

This option scales the background and the sprites so they fit in the GBA screen.

This option leaves the background and sprites unscaled. This means that you will have to scroll the screen up and down using the GBA L and R buttons. But it does give the best quality of graphics.

This toggles a border to mask out the portions of the screen not normally visible on a real GameGear (due to resolution differences - GBA 240x160 - GameGear 160x146). In some games you will see that with the border turned off, the game will fill the entire screen, while in others you will see garbled graphics that you were never supposed to see on an actual GameGear.

This option allows you to switch between JAP and EUR modes.

This opens a menu where you can save 4 temporary save states and 1 save state that is saved to SRAM. The temporary save states are saved to the GBA memory so when you turn the GBA off or reset DrSMS they are lost. The save state that is saved to SRAM will still be there if you turn your GBA off or reset DrSMS.

This opens a menu where you can load your previously saved save states. REMEMBER that to use a save for a particular game you have to load that game in DrSMS first. When you have loaded the game, go to the LOAD MENU in DrSMS and then load your saved game.

This will reset the emulator / boot back to PogoShell.

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