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DrSMS News Archive - April 2003

DrSMS News
Just another quick preview of the scaled screen.



I just have to scale the sprites, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

DrSMS News
Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been busy moving house. I've finished adding multi-rom support. Heres a few pictures

Heres another pic of the rasta effects in action.

Still to do before release are: Screen Scaling, Fix return to pogoshell function, implement noise channel mode 2.

DrSMS News
I've put in code to emulate the SMS noise channel. I am only emulating noise modes 0,1 and 2 at the moment. Number 3 uses the frequncy on tone channel 2 as its input. I'll need to build a table to translate these frequency's. I have also put in the menu.

DrSMS News
Major break through today, I have finally got the rasta effects to work. So you will be able to play games like Hang-on and Battle Outrun. I'm not however going to release a new version yet, I'm going to be really nasty and make you wait!. I still have to put in a menu system on some sort and I still have to do the noise channel. I've also had reports that the reset function does not work correctly. So instead of releasing another version full of bugs, I'm going to try and tie up a few loose ends before the next release. I may even put in some code to emulate the SMS pause button.

DrSMS News
New version of DrSMS. There is now a pogoshell plugin version as well.

DrSMS News
I've got DrSMS to work with pogoshell, I just need to write an exit function to return back to pogoshell. I've re-written the character data routine so a few more games work, I've also put in some code to check for 200 Byte SMS rom headers ( I had completely forgotten about these ) so a few more games should run. I have also made a change to the background scrolling routines, Because DrSMS is never going to run fast enough to get rasta effects working right I have stopped the emulator changing the xscroll value of the backgrounds before the SMS Vsync. This will allow you to play a load more games without them flickering. I will continue to work on a Vsync option that you can switch on and off, but with the Vsync option "ON" the speed of the emulator will drop drastically. Anyway after I have written my EXIT function I will release another version.

DrSMS News
Sorry about this but I've just done another update. I keep remembering other bugs people have reported, I think we're there now though. Anyway Version 1.02 fixes the problem where button 1 and button 2 are round the wrong way.

DrSMS News
Another update. This one fixes the palette problems that have been reported.

Web Site News
You found me then!. I couldn't take Yahoo anymore so I had to move. Speedis kindly offered to host my site so here I am.

DrSMS News
Another bug fix on DrSMS, the top 2 locked rows are now scrolled to the left by 8 pixels.

DrSMS News
Another version of DrSMS all ready, this one is scrolled left by 8 pixels. This hides all of the crap.

DrSMS News
New version of DrSMS available.

DrSMS News
Aprils Fools!!!!, I bet I didn't fool anybody but it was worth a shot, lol. Anyway just a quick update to let you know what I'm up to. I'm still debugging my core, Everything checked out okay apart from the ALUPOPS (ADD,ADC,SUB,SBC,ORR,XOR). I think I've fixed this problem but I'm still waiting for the test to finish (It takes about an Hour, Doh!). After this I'm going to play around with the timing of the emulator and see if I can get it more in sync with the GBA. I will probably have to use GBA interupts for this.

DrSMS News
I've had enough of this shit, work on DrSMS will now stop.

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